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Sat, Aug 05



Studio Apelbaum

In conjunction with Studio Apelbaum, DANCÆ will produce a performance series of three dance performances. The dancers will be invited to conceptualize a choreography incorporating the light installation "Cognitive Painting," an installation piece conceptualized by Johnathan Apelbaum and his team.

Studio Apelbaum
Studio Apelbaum

Time & Location

Aug 05, 2023, 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Berlin, Friedrichstraße 69, 10117 Berlin, Germany

About the Event


Soraya Schulthess' piece "Have You What" deals with issues concerning consumerism as a social and economic order, one that encourages the never ending pursuit of material gain. Social media has contributed to this ethos, by allowing users to stay in constant connectivity, yet it leaves many struggling to find personal contentment amidst a showcase of the seemingly perfect and exciting lives of others. Drawing from ideas in Buddhism (the state of hunger - a relentless pursuit of fulfilling one's desires), the piece investigates these states of being.

Annick Schadeck will perform a sound and movement collaboration. Exploring the connections and differences of live, improvisational sound and movement in a shared space. Ms. Schadeck is wokring with the musician Keisuke Matsuno, who experiments with feedback, loops and other sound manipulations.

Ballet Su_real is a dance collective which fuses ballet with techno music. Incorporating both ambient and groove techno, the movement style is classical, however the choreography also plays with ideas of more mechanical and almost alien-like movement patterns and gestures. These references pay tribute to notions and aesthetics found in club culture today. The aim here, however, is not to replicate or reproduce club culture, but rather to draw inferences from and allude to the elements it embodies. The different sections of the piece showcase a range of plausible experiences, emotions and moods one might go through in a typical club night. The three classical ballet dancers Renato De Leon, Imogen Walters, and Soraya Schulthess come from different backgrounds and their movement styles mixed with gunge and edge make the piece unique. 

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